Notion Finance and Budget Planner

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Track your expenses and income, master your budget, and achieve your financial goals with this fully customizable Notion template.

What are the benefits of our template?
Our financial template is designed to be your trusted companion on your financial journey. It simplifies the process of tracking your goals, monitoring expenses, managing income and budget, gaining insights into net worth, and keeping a wishlist for future plans. With this tool, you can confidently navigate your finances, stay on top of your goals, and make informed decisions to achieve your financial aspirations. Let our template be your ally in achieving financial success.

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  • Achieve your financial goals - Easily set your financial goals, track your progress, and achieve them by fully utilizing the finance planner.

  • Double your monthly savings from your income - Track your income and manage your budget easily with automatic updates of your remaining balance. Expenses are calculated and displayed by category in real-time, allowing you to compare them with your initial budget. Start saving more effortlessly.

  • Reduce unnecessary expenses - Easily add and track your expenses by category, month, or type of operation to reduce unnecessary costs. Expenses are automatically updated in the other sections.

  • Stay motivated and watch your net worth grow - Enter your assets and liabilities, and our tool will automatically calculate and show the growth of your net worth.

  • Wishlist
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year with our subscription tracker: Easily track and manage your subscriptions to avoid missing renewal dates and prevent unnecessary spending in this category.

Why choose the FinanceOS?

Many people think that it is difficult to save money and struggle to control their finances effectively. Yet, all they need is the right system. That's why I created this system, which has helped over 300 individuals effectively and sustainably take control of their personal finances.

Do you also want to improve your personal finances permanently?

All features are fully customizable to meet your individual needs. With a sleek and simplified design, this template helps you stay organized and in control of your finances, hassle-free.

What is Notion? Notion is a free all-in-one workspace that allows you to organize your tasks, notes, and projects across all your devices. With automatic syncing, you can update your plan on one device and see the changes on all other devices.

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(39 ratings)
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Notion Finance and Budget Planner

39 ratings
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